Career Services Includes: Resumes, Cover Letters, Career Counseling 

Want career counseling?  Discuss your career goals and their attainment with CareerGuru. Our state-of-the-art communication array provides several options including meeting with you via virtual video or via teleconference. 

Searching for the perfect job?  A well written cover letter and resume are a critically important first step.  Not getting noticed by prospective employers is as unfortunate as it is unnecessary. CareerGuru has deep experience writing cover letters, resumes, and design: over 3,500 documents and counting!  Don't risk missing out on your perfect job. 

Here's how CareerGuru works -- fill out your basic contact information then upload your document(s).  Choose a design, and use PayPal to initiate the $25 retainer fee (non-refundable but it will be applied to the remaining balance).